CORHA would like to invite you to become a sponsor for the 2017 Show Season. We have several new options to promote your business while supporting CORHA. Mail your check payable to CORHA with a note indicating the item you are sponsoring to Sue Newcomb, 126 Englewood Drive, Avon Lake, OH 44012. Please contact Sue Newcomb at 440-897-0046 for more information. We look forward to seeing you in the upcoming season.

    CORHA Brochure: The CORHA brochure has been a tradition since the beginning. The brochure offers exhibitors detailed results from the previous year, as well as show schedules, CORHA Green Reiner rules and information regarding the year-end awards banquet. Each year hundreds of brochures are handed out to exhibitors from several neighboring states. These exhibitors turn to the brochure time and time again to refer to show schedules and patterns. If you would like to place your advertisement in the brochure, please see the following price list:

      Front Cover: $500 Color - - - Back Cover: $350 Color - - - Inside Front/Back Cover $250 Color

      Full Page: $200 Color - - - $150 Black and White - - - Half Page: $150 Color; $75 Black and White

      Centerfold: $350 Color; $250 Black and White

    Arena Banner: Let CORHA take your business' artwork and transform it into a vivid, full color, 2'5" x 4'5" banner to be displayed in the show pen at every show. Each banner will be placed strategically alongside the arena for all exhibitors to see. They also make a lasting impression in the background of each photo and video purchased by an exhibitor. Prices listed below:

      Create a custom Banner: $200 - Re-Hang a CORHA created banner: $125

    Class Sponsor: Sponsor a class for the weekend or show season to have your business recognized throughout the class. Each sponsor will also be announced at the year-end awards banquet.

      $50 Weekend - Plaque-added money of $499 or less - Select Class; Select Weekend (May, June, July, Aug)

      $175 Season - Select Class

      $100 Weekend - Pewter-added money of $500-$999 - Select Class; Select Weekend (May, June, July, Aug)

      $350 Season - Select Class

      $250 - CORHA 3-year Class

    Pizza Party: Each year CORHA treats the exhibitors with a year-end pizza party in August and a Youth party in July. This is a great time to gather and socialize while sampling some of the local pizza shops in Findlay. If you would like to personally sponsor or have your business sponsor either party, prices are listed below:

Youth Party - July: $250 - - - Exhibitor Party - August: $500

Year-End Awards Banquet Sponsor: Following every show season, CORHA hosts a year-end Awards Banquet to honor and recognize exhibitor's achievements throughout the show season. Each Banquet sponsor will find its name or logo on one of the tables during the Banquet. This is a great way to set a lasting impression with exhibitors.

Sponsor a single table: $25